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Can glass inserts be installed in my doors?

The inserts are designed for most standard steel and fiberglass doors. The actual application can vary due to the size of the door and, even more so, the size of the panels in the door because the edges must be followed in order to achieve an adequate weather seal at the doors exterior. Most wood doors can be transformed. Inserts are designed for exterior doors or interior doors with a thickness of 1 3/4"; most standard interior doors are only 1 3/8" thick, so the inserts will not work on those.

How secure are the inserts?

The inserts are actually very strong; the etched glass inserts are 1/2" thick overall (2 x 1/8" safety tempered pieces with a 1/4" air gap), and the leaded and beveled pieces are a total of 1" thick (2 x 1/8" safety tempered pieces, each with a 1/4" air gap that encapsulates the decorative leaded and beveled panel). A burglar would have a more difficult time breaking in through your door glass than breaking in through a window, and most thieves prefer not to enter a home through the front.

How private is the glass?

This truly depends on the glass you choose. Some types of decorative glass allow you the benefit of translucency with almost total privacy while others are just as transparent as clear glass. Most pieces do not allow someone to see into your home from the street or sidewalk, especially during the day when the glare exists on the exterior flat glass. The glass is most transparent at night when lights are on inside your home, and you can always turn on an exterior porch light to help counter this effect.

What is the warranty on my glass?

All of our glass inserts have a minimum ten year warranty on the seal of the glass, and many have a lifetime warranty. We offer a one year replacement warranty on our labor should you have any problems related to the installation of the insert.

I live in South Florida. Are my glass inserts hurricane safe?

Yes. Most of our glass is available in either high-impact or low-impact hurricane glass. For more specific information, please contact us.